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Monday, August 30, 2010

The Box Trap

Box Trap (with pull trigger)

The 'Box Trap' is mainly used for catching birds, although small mammals can also be caught in this trap, such as a rabbit. 

This box trap configuration uses the pull trigger system.  Basically, a string is attached to the pull trigger and you are on the other end watch for an animal to enter.  Weight should be added to the top of the box if you expect to catch rabbits or the like.  If a rabbit enters and is trapped, immediately subdue the trap so that the animal does not escape.

A figure-four trigger mechanism can be used in place of the pull trigger in the event you want to set up several of these traps or others and do not want to or have the time to sit on a trap.

If you are not going to be watching these traps, the four base sticks of the trap should be ties together at each corner to give it more stability and a better chance of keeping the game contained.

Remember, once the traps have done their job, either use the wood for your cooking fire, or dismantle them so that no unwanted game is trapped and suffers needlessly.

Stay Prepared! Stay Alive!


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