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Thursday, April 21, 2011

M6 Scout Survival Rifle Mod

M6 Scout Before Mods

M6 Mod

The M6 Scout features a folding stock which is easily detached via a quick-release pivot pin. An M6 breaks down in less than 5 seconds to a very compact overall length of 18", providing easy storage on a boat, small plane, tractor or recreational vehicle. A specially designed trigger guard allows conventional finger firing, or full hand firing while wearing mittens or heavy gloves.


Rifle Barrel:
Caliber: .22 Long Rifle or .22 Hornet
Twist: 1:15" RH (.22 Long Rifle); 1:13" RH (.22 Hornet)
Grooves: 6

Shotgun Barrel:
Caliber: .410 gauge / 2 1/2" or 3" shot shells or 3" slugs

Weight: 4 lbs. (approx.)
Overall Length: 32"
Barrel Length: 18 1/2"
Sight Radius: 16 1/8"

What I did not like about the M6 was the small amount of .410 ammo that is carried in the ammo compartment. This led me to make my own modifications to correct this short coming. I used 1/2 copper tubing cut to the length of the barrel and then crimped the bottom ends of both tubes. I was opting to use PVC tubing to keep the overall weight to a minimum, but figured a stronger tube would come in handy somewhere down the road.

If you use 3" rounds, you can fit 4 rounds in each tube. If you use the 2 1/2 " rounds you can fit 5 rounds in each tube. I opted to use 4 rounds of the 3", #4 shot rounds for hunting turkey, grouse, pheasant, duck and other game of that size. The 3" shells provide a little more push and distance needed to get the pellets to the target.

My other choice of shot sizes were #6 for rabbit, squirrel and other game of that size and #7 1/2 for use on quail, dove, snakes and other game of that size. In the original ammo holder in the butt of the rifle I have 4 each of 3" rifled slugs. I would use these for small deer, pig, self defense and things of that nature.

I would opt to use the .22 LR rounds for farther distance prey like rabbit or pig when I can't get close enough to hit them with the .410 rounds.

I could also opt to use one tube to hold a small survival kit, which would include a fishing setup in the event I'm near a watering hole that has fish.

I wrapped electrical tape around both copper tubing's, which could provide me tape in a survival situation. Both tubes were then secured to the side of the barrels with a couple turns of electrical tape and then secured by the paracord windings. This provides me with about 25 feet of paracord I could use in an emergency.

By adding the tubing, not only did I gain more ammo, I also provided a more comfortable grip on the barrel. I really did not like the narrow fit of the barrels, but now I'm happy with the feel. The rifle is a few pounds or ounces heavier, but does not distract from its intended use.

This M6 is even designed to have a scope mounted on it. This is an option I may look into at a later date.

It's a shame they don't make this weapon any longer. Maybe someday they will make a similar or better version. In the mean time you may be able to find one for sale on the Internet or gun shows. Mine is NOT for sale.

This is an example of what you can do when you put your mind to it. In choosing your survival gear, you should pick items that have multiple uses. An example would be a Leatherman or Gerber multi-tool. These have many uses under one hood. In making the modifications to my M6, I now have many uses of this rifle as a result.

Stay Prepared! Stay Alive!



  1. This is an old school type of Rifle. Easy to use, point and shoot. No hassle just performance.

  2. Great idea, ill try to post a few pics of my mods.

  3. Maybe consider a more conventional sling. Although I like the notion of the paracord sling, and can see its uses, I think I might sacrifice the paracord in favor of a more conventional sling that carries several pouches. An additional ammo pouch for .410 rounds, another for .22LR/Hornet rounds, a third containing an emergency space blanket and folded large plastic trash bag (Many uses). Also, a fourth pouch could contain:

    * Micro Multi-Tool (Knife, pliers, drivers, wire cutter, etc.)
    * Photon AW Micro Light I 2000 LED Flashlight with a Compass/Thermometer on the same key ring.
    * 2 Butane Lighters (Even out of fuel, flint/striker still useful)
    * A small cleaning kit for the weapon

    Lastly, an inexpensive standard shotgun stock elastic .410 ammo carrier holds 6-10 more rounds, depending on the maker, and will slide over the butt. A few minutes on a sewing machine will put three large elastic loops on the other side. Using coin tubes like those in your walking staff (BRILLIANT IDEAS!!) you can carry:

    * A fishing kit
    * Dryer Lint/Paraffin Fire-Starter
    * (In tiny plastic ziploc baggies) 4 Ibuprofin, 2 Charcoal Tablets, 2 Antacid Tablets, 2 Anti-Diarrhea Tablets, 2 Benadryl Allergy Tablets, 4 Water Purification Tablets.

    This provides you with fire and fire, water purification, a blanket (Even a pocket emergency sleeping bag), fishing/hunting ability (w/ lots of ammo), light, secondary tools/knife, etc. So using this further modification, your M6 rifle almost becomes a survival kit in and of itself, making it a very useful "B.O.B" almost on its own.

    1. These are great ideas. Thanks for the post and for visiting my site.

  4. where to buy a quick pivot pin for M-6?

    1. This rifle is no longer in production. You may have to go to a Gun Smith to have one fabricated.

  5. And never underestimate the value of a world class warranty and good customer service. ... In 1947, Leupold introduced the first nitrogen-filled riflescope. Derek Becker

  6. The AR& I had had a VERY sloppy rear sight; could not hit a soda can at 30 yd range. I used 50 rounds when they were still fairly cheap. Hit the can 1 time. I rated Expert in the Marines and shot the heads off of quail out to 80 yds at 18. have they made it a better sight? The first one would of shamed Mattel's M-16 issue first time in Vietnam for cheap.

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