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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Survival Blow Gun

A simple survival blow gun can be made from an aluminum hollow type hunting arrow. The arrow size used in the video was a 2117. Both ends were cut off using a tube cutter (not shown).

Different type of reed plants can be hollowed out and used to make a blow gun. Darts can be carved from hard wood or the thorns of some plants can be used to make darts.


Hollow aluminum arrow (both ends cut and smoothed)
One foot length of round spring steel stock (the small stuff used by locksmiths)
Electrical tape or similar
Wire cutters
Plastic type foam
Plastic beads (fake jewelry type that will fit almost the complete inner diameter of the arrow)
A heat source (lighter, stove, etc)
Pliers (multi-tool works great for replacing the wire cutter and knife all in one)


The hollow tube should be a straight as possible. Any kinks in the shaft will affect the performance. Using cutting pliers or multi-tool, cut the spring steel rod into 3 equal lengths. These will be used to make the darts. Separate the beads from the string. Heat the end of one rod until it is red. Insert the end of the rod into the plastic bead where the string comes through until it is about half way through. Make sure the bead is not off center. Continue to do this step until you have made the number of darts that you want.

Take a 3 x 3 x 1 piece of plastic foam and shape it into a circle. This will be used to hold the darts (see photo). Find the center of the foam circle and insert the hollow shaft into the center of it. Use a small knife blade to cut a small slit in the center. This will allow the arrow to be inserted easier.

Take a smaller piece of the foam and cut it into the shape of a cone about 1/2 inch in diameter. Cut a small slit in the center and position it on the end of the hollow arrow. This will be used as a mouth piece. Wrap electrical tape around the foam and arrow to hold it in place (see photo).

Make a target out of a cardboard box and practice.

Stay Prepared! Stay Alive!



  1. This is quite resourceful. It is useful in hunting for food in the wilderness. It can also be use to fend off adversaries.

  2. This is indeed a very useful tool. This can be used to hunt food in the forest along with a sturdy cold steel knife.

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