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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Update- Primitive Weapons: Bow and Arrow

Here is the primitive survival bow that I recently made using only stone tools for cutting and shaping.

Click here to watch the original video showing the making of this bow.

The bow has been indoors drying and seasoning, which allows the bow limbs to be stronger and more flexible than when it was when it was in the green state.

I also used the same cordage that was used in the video. I only sanded the bow a little to make it smother and to remove any splinters. I usually keep the survival items I make for show and tell when I give classes.

The bow pulled about 25 pounds at 28 inches. It is strong enough to take down small game up to 30 yards. I used factory arrows during the demonstration, but arrows can be made in the wilderness that can be just as effective.

This type a bow took a long time to make without the use of modern tools. This is a simple style bow to make when needed and for short term use.

Stay Prepared! Stay Alive!



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