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Friday, September 4, 2015

Boy, 10, Reveals Survival Tips That Kept Him Alive in Wilderness Overnight

"I just read this story about kid getting lost on a camping trip. It goes to show you that at least a little retained knowledge of wilderness survival can save a life."

This 10 Year Old Kid Survived In The Wilderness Alone – You’ve Gotta Hear His Story

Boy, 10, Reveals Survival Tips That Kept Him Alive in Wilderness Overnight

Now this is EXACTLY why it is important to teach your children survival skills.

A 10-year-old boy takes the time to share the survival tips that kept him alive overnight while he was alone in the Utah Wilderness.

Malachi Bradley, 10, got lost in the terrain of Ashley National Forest during a camping trip with his family on Sunday and miraculously survived. He was found alive over 30 hours after being lost.

So how did he live to tell the tale? With survival tips he’d been taught by his dad.

“If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be here,” he told INSIDE EDITION.

Here are a few of his tips:

Malachi knew he could use his hoodie to filter muddy lake water.

Another survival skill came during the bitterly cold night; the boy drew his legs and arms inside his t-shirt to contain the warmth.

One other thing he did was shelter behind rocks that were still warm from the sun.

“I knew I could survive two weeks, maybe less, without food, so I tried to focus mainly on water,” he said.

Malachi was located on Monday afternoon by helicopters.

“I thought, ‘Yay, now I get to see my family,’” he said.

The great thing is that he is now home with his parents with only a few scrapes. His parents are thrilled to have him back.

His mother said: “I thought I would bury my son.”

His pupils and teachers at his school, Sego Lilly Elementary School just outside of Salt Lake City were extremely happy to see him.

Malachi got a hero’s welcome on his first day back at school.

Stay Prepared! Stay Alive!


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