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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Pine Pollen Survival Food

Pine pollen is a survival super food. Take advantage of it while it is in season and it will help sustain you during survival situations. Even when not in survival mode, one can go into the wilderness and collect this super food and use it on a daily basis.

The male Catkins on the ends of the pine branches are what hold the pollen. The pollen can be collected in plastic bags by placing the bag over the Catkins and shaking and thumping the Catkins. A large amount can be collected in a short amount of time.

The pollen can be eaten as is or mixed into water or other beverages or sprinkled into foods.

Another potent function of Pine Pollen is that it is an androgen. The fact that Pine Pollen is an androgen means that it has the ability to raise testosterone levels effectively, making it a naturally derived source of testosterone. This is a huge discovery, as sources of testosterone in nature are few and far between. Pine Pollen raises the testosterone levels in the blood and balances the ratio of androgens to estrogen. 

What it is in the Pine Pollen that has this effect on the hormonal levels, are the sterols. The sterols are basically plant steroids, which benefit us, though also help the pines grow and develop.

Pine Pollen contains 18 Amino Acids

It is a complete protein source as it contains seven of of the essential amino acids. Pine pollen is about 30% protein.

Pine PollenAlanine 17mg
Arginine 30mg
Aspartic acid 33mg
Cysteine 3mg
Glutamic acid 47mg
Glycin 21mg
Histidine 6mg
Isoleucine 16mg
Leucine 25mg
Lysine 24mg
Phenylalanie 17mg
Proline 26mg
Serine 16mg
Threonine 15mg
Tryptophan 4mg
Tyrosine 11mg
Valine 19mg

Pine Pollen is Full of Vitamins

Vitamin A 1.3ug
B1 (Thiamin) 182ug
B2 (Riboflavin) 15ug
B3 (Niacin) 427ug
B6 (Pyridoxine) 39ug
B9 (Folic Acid) 28ug
Vitamin C 1686ug
Vitamin E 97ug
Vitamin D .7ug
Beta Carotene .8ug

Pine Pollen is Full of Minerals

Potassium 128.3mg
Sodium 10.5mg
Calcium 80.6mg
Magnesium 110.3mg
Phosphorus 218.3mg
Silicon 6.0mg
Iron 24.2mg
Zinc 3660ug
Selenium 3.1ug
Manganese 8.74mg
Copper .413mg
Molybdenum .3ug

Pine Pollen also has more:

Oleic acid
Alpha Linolenic Acid
Nucleic Acid
Superoxide Dismutase (SOD)

Stay Prepared! Stay Alive!


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