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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Improvised Wooden Knife

When you hear the words "wooden knife"- what comes to mind? To me it used to be something I made and played with as young boy, not knowing it's potential deadliness. Now when I hear the words "wooden knife", I know it is something that could save my life in a wilderness or urban survival situation.

When I was a young and handsome boy, I was only allowed a pocket knife, one which could cut and cause wounds, but would require a lot of strength and skill to kill a person or large animal. But, with that small knife I was able to whittle larger knives and put fancy rope handles on them. I made wooden knives large enough to kill with little skill needed.

With my small knife, I was able to make bows, arrows, spears, darts, boats, forts (which we survivalist now call shelters) and other things to play with as boys my age liked to do.

Now put this same life experience into a survival situation where the only cutting tool you have is a small pocket knife with about a 2-3 inch blade. I would not want to try and fend off a charging wild pig with a small pocket knife, especially in a close quarters situation, like waking up in your survival shelter with one staring you in the face to see if you are potential food or not.

With a wooden knife the size of a Bowie knife, you have a much better chance of surviving a close quarters incident. True, you may have a spear, but how fast can you grab it with a two hundred pound Javelina named Godzilla getting ready to use you as a play toy! Think about it...

Stay Prepared! Stay Alive!



  1. In your local farm and ranch supply store they will have rat traps. There are two sizes and the larger one is twice as big as rat traps you have seen before. These are cheap and effective for more then rats. If there are squirrels, rabbits, quail or other small game in your area then these traps will take them. They will also break a finger or thumb so be careful.

  2. Hello again Charlie,
    There must be something alluring about your site my friend as I keep On coming back! lol

    Anyway, Nice Idea you have here about the wooden knife.
    I Used to make my knives from natural slate when I was a child.
    Not much in the way of Sturdiness though, too brittle.

    I have an idea for a knife i'd like to share with you that you may, or may not have come across in your travel's my friend.
    Strangely enough I got the idea from watching a U.S. prison programme broadcast here in the UK.

    The Prison guard's were showing off the collection of "Shank's" they had confiscated over the year's.

    The One that got my attention was simply made from melting down every day plastic grocery/trash bag's into a general knife shape, then sharpening it up on a cell wall.

    In desperate time's as long as you can make fire, I'm pretty sure this method could be used to a survivor's advantage?
    Simple yet effective...

    Stay safe and be well my friend