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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Making A Basic Bow

Basic Bow

A good bow is the result of many hours of work. You can construct a suitable short-term bow fairly easily. When it loses its spring or breaks, you can replace it.

The basic bow shown in the video came from the desert willow and is green, meaning it was still alive when harvested. If allowed to dry and become what is called seasoned over a couple of weeks, the wood will become more flexible, last longer, and capable of launching the arrow faster and farther.

Mesquite and juniper are two other sources of bow making material, but these should be seasoned (dead) to be used effectively.

Select a hardwood stick about 4 1/2- 5 feet long that is free of knots or limbs. Carefully scrape the large end down until it has the same pull as the small end. Careful examination will show the natural curve of the stick. Always scrape from the side that faces you, or the bow will break the first time you pull it.

To increase the pull, lash a second bow to the first, front to front, forming an "X" when viewed from the side. Attach the tips of the bows with cordage and only use a bowstring on one bow. This type of bow will be discussed in another episode.

When not using the bow, always release the string tension. By doing this the bow will last longer. During the evening you can fire harden the bow, if it is made of green wood, by holding it over the hot coals for short periods of time without burning the wood. This dries the moisture faster from the wood.

You should make a practice bow and arrows to use when not hunting to familiarize yourself with shooting one. Practice now when you are not in a survival situation and you will be one more step to being prepared to use one when the time comes to need it.

Stay Prepared! Stay Alive!



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