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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Survival Scavenger Hunt

I decided to take an outdoor walkabout and turn it into a survival scavenger hunt. It made getting some exercise more appealing. While out in the wilderness, for what ever reasons, you should teach yourself to be on the lookout for things that can assist you in the event you were to find yourself in a survival scenario.

Many times we walk by things that can help us, but never give a second thought about it. Learning wilderness survival techniques does not have to be a boring thing. Make a game out of it when in the learning phase. This way when you actually do find yourself in a survival event, it should not hit you as hard as if you were just thrown into the situation with no training.

Watch the video as I take a small hike in the canyon. Every item I locate can be found here on my website in detail.

I did find two other items that did not come out on this video due to camera operator error. Those two items were the Desert Willow and Ephedra Bush (Mormon Tea).

I will be adding similar series videos throughout this year so come back soon for more fun.

Stay Prepared! Stay Alive!