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Monday, August 2, 2010

Survival Library

Welcome back!  I've learned over the years that many people are very interested in wilderness survival. I get a lot of curious questions like, "What would you do if this happened?", or "What do I eat if I get lost?"

Of course, I would answer them to the best of my abilities, but would sometimes as them this question: "How much survival training have you had and if none, why not?"

The usual answer I receive is that they can't afford to pay the cost of going to a survival training camp.

When I started out learning about survival, I did so reading survival books, because I could not afford the extra money for the training either. There are many excellent books on survival training.

What I discovered was is that I could learn just as well by reading the books and doing the week long survival get aways I planned as my vacation time. 

Sometimes I would go on my own, or with a friend who was like minded in learning survival. Trial and error seamed to be the best training I received by doing this.

This segment will discuss the extra bonus to having your own survival library.  The hard copy books are always available for you when you need to refer to them.  If you rely on ebooks on survival, which are great to a certain extent, they won't be available when you electricity ceases to flow.

Its OK to utilize the Internet for learning, but have your hard copy backups.  Plus, you can take the books with you when you want to go out to practice or to have one in a vehicle for emergencies.

Here is a list of survival books that I have in my library. I will attempt to add a resource for each book should you want to obtain them for yourself. 

Here is my list:
This is the total of my library to date. I am still building on it as newer books with more survival techniques are being developed everyday. 

I hope this gives you better hope that you can learn wilderness survival skills without having to spend thousands of dollars on schools.

Stay Prepared! Stay Alive!


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