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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

M6 Scout Survival Rifle Mod Revisited

Back in April 2011, I did a post on making some modifications to my M6 Scout Survival Rifle. These Mods have been on the rifle since then and have not yet been removed for any reason. The rifle has been out in the field more than 90 times hunting and practice shooting.

I just recently received a very blunt post from a viewer telling me how he thought I was silly to put two metals together that would create a disaster for my rifle barrel. The viewer mentioned that the copper tubing touching the metal barrel would not play well together and would corrode the barrel.

Another viewer posted that the para-cord would hold moister and would cause my barrel to rust.

While both viewers had good points, I thought it necessary to take a look to see if I had damaged my rifle by adding the mods. And I thought, why not make a video and share this together so that well all would get a lesson- or not.

Please watch the video and see the results. There is a link to the other video in this video.

As always,

Stay Prepared! Stay Alive!


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