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Friday, April 29, 2011

Simple Survival Pup Tent/Lean-To

Military Poncho Pup Tent

Military Poncho Lean-To

Military poncho's come in very handy as an everyday item, especially in a survival situation. Military style poncho's can be purchased from military surplus stores, as well as, off the Internet.

The poncho is of a nylon type rip stop material with a hood and side snaps. The poncho also comes with a liner that is a quilted style nylon material and attaches to the poncho for warmth. When these two items are together, they make a good light weight sleeping bag.

The poncho can be used to make a hasty survival pup tent to quickly get you out of the weather and to make a place to sleep. All you need is two trees close together to tie a rope across to hang the poncho. The poncho is folded in half over the rope so that each half touches the ground at an angle. The sides are then staked down or tie to large rocks.

You can cover the sides with dirt so that when it rains it does not run into the inside. So when preparing the ground prior to erecting the tent you can build a small raised area to sleep on that will also help in keeping water from pooling up inside the shelter.

You can use pine and spruce limbs (called boughs) as bedding to provide insulation from the cold ground. If you have a poncho liner you can use it for a blanket if you are alone, or to make a larger pup tent or lean-to if you have to provide shelter for two or more people.

Poncho's do not take up a lot of small when rolled small. Poncho's have many uses and should be included in your automobile survival equipment, your bug out bag and your hiking gear.

When you roll up your poncho, use about 20 feet of cordage, like paracord to secure it. This can be used when you need to build a shelter.

Stay Prepared! Stay Alive!



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  3. When in Infantry Training in California during Marine Training; I had the honor of showing a Lt, a SSgt and 2 corporals how to snap the poncho into a sleeping bag cover that withstood heavy rains; paper bags get soggy REAL fast in rain or heavy dew.
    The hood covered my face and the bag (mummy style) was totally dry after 3 days. I used a V stick frame and covered it with small boughs on the second day. Got laughed at the evening I did it; I was Not standing in the rain around a smoky fire that night or the next 2.

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