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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Survival Container

Being able to transport water and food while on the move in a survival situation is an important step that needs to be addressed while you are in a survival scenario. If you can not carry water with you during your journey can lessen your chances of making it out of some types of climates and terrains, such as a dessert environment where water is scarce.

A good survival kit geared for the desert terrain, or any other terrain, should consist of some type of collapsible water carrying container.  Un-lubricated condoms are used in many small survival kits and can hold up to a quart of water or more.  Having some type of hard container, if you do not have a canteen, can be used to carry the condom full of water to prevent it from breaking.

Containers can be made from birch bark laced together with cordage made from plant fibers or glued together from survival pine pitch glue that can be easily made in the wilderness, providing you have access to the birch tree and coniferous trees that are needed for the resin.

In the video I used the dead stalk of the century plant, also known as the agave plant, to make an arrow quiver to carry arrows for my survival bow.  The stalk can be cut to different lengths to be used for what ever purpose you design them to do.

I used a survival knife and a yucca stalk sharped to a chisel point to gouge out the soft pith from inside the stalk.  You can also use hot coals from a camp fire to hollow out the center.  Just place the hot embers in the center and blow gently to get the coals hot.

Bowls can be made from cut logs using this fire method.  If you have access to a hand saw of some type or an ax or hatchet, you can make different sized containers to carry water and food or to cook in.

Stay Prepared! Stay Alive!



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  2. I think that this is really useful, but I dont live in the desert,I live in wet mountains, so what could I hollow out with the hot coals from the fire without lighting it on fire?

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