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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Yucca Flower Seed Pod Survival Food

Edible Uses: Fully ripe fruit – raw, cooked or dried for winter use. A staple food for several native North American Indian tribes, the fruits are large, fleshy, sweet and palatable. The ovoid fruit is about 17cm long and 7cm wide. 

Considered to be a luxury by the native North American Indians, the fruits were often baked in ovens. The cooked fruit can be formed into cakes and then dried for later use. Large quantities of the fruit has caused diarrhea in people who are not used to it. 

The dried fruit can be dissolved in water to make a drink. Flower buds – cooked. A soapy taste. The older flowers are best, they are rich in sugar. The flowers, harvested before the summer rains (which turn them bitter), have been used as a vegetable. 

Flowering stems – cooked. Harvested before the flowers open then roasted. Seed – cooked. It can be roasted and then ground into a powder and boiled. The tender crowns of the plants have been roasted and eaten in times of food shortage. The young leaves have been cooked as a flavoring in soups.

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  1. Wondering if you can also eat the seed pods of the 'adams needle' yucca too? I'll have to try that next year, mine already went to seed. Thanks again for the great videos and information!

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